Welcome to Kingbuilt.  We create custom homes in Gippsland without risk.

We’re proud to celebrate the homes we design and construct, as well as Gippsland itself, the wonderful part of the world in which we make new home dreams a reality.

You will see that no two Kingbuilt homes are the same.  Each is personalised in some way and has been designed especially for the client’s lifestyle, land and budget.  Every Kingbuilt home has however been built on the same philosophy of honesty, transparency, trust, design innovation and design freedom.

We know that along with a very strong team and the invaluable support of our business partners, it is our customers who have driven and continue to drive the growth of our business.  We believe that if we continue to provide an outstanding building experience and ensure that every home is built in the best conceivable way, without risk, then Kingbuilt has a very bright future.