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3 Tips for Building your Acreage Home

Are you thinking of building your new home on a large allotment or acreage? We have seen an increasing number of you, no doubt as a result of our acreage display home in Drouin. Space, quiet, privacy and the freedom to build a home of unrestricted size and configuration make it a popular option for tree changers from Melbourne, families, and those relocating from large rural farms and properties from right across Gippsland.

Three key considerations for building your new home on acreage include site costs, aesthetics and orientation.

First up, site costs. You’ll need to know whether the acreage allotment has access to water, sewer and power so you can allow for the potential cost of connection. Is it in a registered Bushfire Prone Area (BPA), necessitating the need for Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) assessment and resulting management and build specifications. Is the land level? Do costs need to be factored in for this to enable the slab to be poured?

The next consideration for the design of your acreage home is the increased visibility of the home’s exterior. Many traditional designs place an emphasis on the front of the home’s exterior, however when designing a home on a large parcel of land with space all around it, you will need to consider the aesthetics from multiple viewpoints. And how will a shed and driveway work in with the design? How will you use landscaping to enhance the aesthetics from various angles, buffer wind or create privacy?

Finally, one of the great benefits of building on acreage is the ability to maximise your home’s orientation. Are there any restrictive covenants or building envelopes on the land you’re considering? Consider which rooms need the low winter sun, how the design can reduce the searing heat of midsummer, create an alfresco shielded from wind and best capture the views. Maximising energy efficiency will reduce your living costs and make it more comfortable to live in.

Gippsland offers some fantastic acreage, and when you build with us, all considerations are taken care of. Visit our acreage display home at 1 Amberly Drive, Drouin or give us a call on 1300 546 428.