Our homes are designed with a focus on energy efficiency

At Kingbuilt we adopt best practice for sustainability, applying environmentally friendly and innovative green home designs and constructions to enhance your home’s ongoing value, comfort and practicality.

Our designs are centred around maximising natural light along with efficient heating and cooling systems to minimise the use of valuable and often expensive resources that have a negative impact on the environment. When building an energy efficient home saving you energy and money, whilst creating a healthier and all-year around more comfortable home for you and your family.

An energy efficient home requires all the right elements designed and constructed to achieve a sustainable and profitable outcome. We can assist with a range of energy efficient design and construction strategies including:

Double glazed windows

not only are double glazed windows extremely energy efficient they also have the added benefit of minimising noise.

Highly-rated Insulation & Thermal glazing

to reduce the amount of heat escaping in winter and warm air entering the house in summer, keeping your house more comfortable for longer.

Carefully selected window sizes

depending on the type of room, orientation, and site topography.

Maximising house area

in relation to the wall and ceiling area to reduce potential for heat loss or gain.

Elimination of unnecessary glazing

where their influence is almost wholly detrimental to liveability.

Strategic use of structures

such as verandas, eaves and pergolas are placed relative to the needs for solar gain, shading of walls and critical windows.

Floor plan placement

siting the floorplan to the optimum location, taking into account solar gain, window sizes, sun direction and angle, and wind direction.

Energy Efficient Cladding

to harness the power of thermal masses to stabilise and regulate temperatures.

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