St Kierans Primary School

The commencement of the St Kierans Primary School refurbishment works was a great opportunity to expand our already impressive record with the Catholic Education Office. We’ve now completed no less than 8 Catholic School projects, and in every case, we’ve more than satisfied our clients, and delighted teachers and principals with our attention to detail, willingness to work with special requirements, and our tidy sites.

As one can imagine, working at a school introduces special challenges. In every case, the school must continue to run while construction works proceed. OHS precautions must be strictly adhered to. Construction areas must be carefully and securely isolated from the areas that students can still use. Waste and materials must be kept well within builder’s compounds. And of course, material deliveries and staff movements need to be scheduled around the heavy traffic times (before and after school) that are so familiar to parents!

But that’s no problem to the experienced staff, management and site managers at Kingbuilt. We perform beyond expectations, project after project.