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Adam Lacey

If you haven’t seen or met Kingbuilt carpenter Adam Lacey yet, we’ll fix that! Not only a builder but also an apprentice tattoo artist and model, we have taken him off the tools (just briefly!) to help us with a photoshoot at our Traralgon display, The Regency. But more on that to come…

Its Adam’s first love of art that provides his enjoyment in building. “I’ve spent time working on high rises in Melbourne, but what I love is building houses. There’s no room for error. Everything’s fine-tuned and can be approached with an artistic bent. Its a creative expression. Ultimately, I am helping create the house the client can see in their mind, and thats really satisfying.”

“Working with the team at Kingbuilt is such a pleasure because everyone’s so easy to get along with. Dougs (James McDougall) treats us all with respect so we treat him the same. The client can no doubt feel that when their home’s being built and thats why we get the best product in the end. People know that Kingbuilt will go above and beyond to ensure you always get what you want, and the culture of our team is part of the reason why.”

We can’t wait to show you all corners of The Regency brought to life by Adam and a few others from the Kingbuilt family. Stay tuned to both our Facebook and Instagram pages. And if you’re interested in Adam’s tattoo artistry as well, follow him on Instagram at @adzi_art

📷 Louise Sedgman Photography