Kingbuilt specialises in building high quality designer homes for luxury living in the Gippsland region.

Our Story

Founded by Phil King, a builder himself, Kingbuilt was born based on the passion for quality home designs and builds.

Over the past 20 years we have built an elite team of in-house designers, project managers, an ever-reliant construction crew and a compassionate support team – all working towards one common goal – to create thoughtful home designs that maximize space, function, and aesthetics. Fitting the needs of you and your family for now and years to come.

Phil has lived in Gippsland all his life with his family but has had the benefit of travelling throughout Australia and around the world. He’s convinced that there’s no better place in the world to live than Gippsland.

As a family owned and operated local Gippsland business, we have established a proud reputation for superior quality and innovative homes.

Our strong reputation for excellence, professionalism and workmanship means you are in safe hands with Kingbuilt.

“I’m very grateful to our clients who have trusted us with what is typically their most significant and deeply personal investment. Everyone involved in the creation of a new home with Kingbuilt is part of a very special community; our clients, suppliers, tradespeople and our office-based team. I’m proud that together we continue to help strengthen our local economy.” – Phil King

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A commitment to build quality and premium customer experience

As a privately-owned company, we have established a proud reputation of being an honest and quality home builder throughout our 20 year history. Our attention to detail, insistence on only using the highest quality materials and dedication to provide an outstanding customer experience has delighted our clients on a repeat basis. Our strong reputation for excellence, professionalism and workmanship means you are in safe hands.

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Building Without Risk

The process of designing and constructing your new home has been meticulously developed to ensure there is no risk to you. When you decide to build with Kingbuilt, you know exactly what is involved, exactly what you’re going to get, and exactly what it will cost. There will be no surprises and no hidden costs.

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