Mitchell Views

Mitchell Views senior living community – spots now available

Mitchell Views is a secure, pleasant neighbourhood inside Moe’s newest estate, Mitchell Grove. It’s designed to give you the ultimate in senior independent living.

Advantages over a traditional retirement village include freehold land ownership, independence from any retirement village administration limits, fees, and other costs; and a stylish home in a normal estate. However, compared to ordinary homes, a Mitchell Views home is subtly designed in countless ways to make your life easier. What’s not to like?

The Mitchell Views community is age-protected. The primary occupant of each dwelling must be at least 55 years of age. This gives you the comfort and security of a mature community of neighbours. No loud exhausts, huge parties and drum practice next door.

There are so many benefits of a Mitchell Views house that you’ll need to check out the video to get the full story. Just click the play button on the image above!

Danny Millar is your contact for Mitchell Views. You can ask him anything, either before buying or after you’ve moved in – he’s there to help. He can answer any of your questions, and he’ll make it easy for you to get into a Mitchell Views home!

Get in touch with Danny today!
Mobile: 0427 030 885